Ways to Make Money From Blogging Without Selling Ad Space

Make Money From Blog

Even if you’ve only been blogging for a short time, it’s never too early to think about how to begin generating income through your posts. Some people get to the stage where they can make a living through blogging alone. That possibility is always in reach if you have enough motivation, but it’s good to start small and work your way up.

Although many bloggers think the wisest course of action for monetising a blog lies within selling advertising space, that’s not necessarily true, especially because it’s sometimes difficult to attract advertisers and make money with ads before you have a large readership. Below, you’ll find a few smart ad-free ways to make money from blogging without selling ad space.

Ask for Donations

It’s very easy to connect your blog with PayPal and allow grateful readers to send donations in whatever amounts they can afford. Some bloggers are initially hesitant to ask for donations because they fear it’ll drive readers away. Just make sure to emphasise that giving money is purely voluntary. It’s also helpful to specify what a person’s funds would be used towards, whether it’s hosting costs or the purchase of a new blog template.

Offer E-Books for Sale

This method could be particularly worthwhile if your post topics already centre on specific ideas you’d like to expand upon. Also, if you have the knowledge and desire to spread it to interested people, you’ve already laid the framework Additionally, e-books are much less expensive to produce than physical copies, but can still do a great job of helping you become more established in your chosen field.

To jumpstart ideas for chapters, come up with a list of areas where there is a need for particular assistance, but other bloggers haven’t yet tackled the challenge. If peers have already wrote about something that also interests you, don’t be afraid to dissect it from a different angle and infuse each page with personal insights. Readers should appreciate you taking the time to be open and honest with them, including perhaps admitting that the path that led to where you are now wasn’t always easy to navigate.

Provide Consulting Services

Specialised and personal expertise can be extremely beneficial to someone who is just learning the ropes in a particular industry. Whether you want to help beginning bloggers, or demonstrate how to write about extremely technical topics to make them more accessible to the masses, you could turn your know-how into income.

Advertising can be helpful, but there’s clearly no need to instantly gravitate towards thinking its your only option. Explore the ideas you’ve just learned about too.

Explore Other Ad Options

There are also contextual programs, affiliate programs, and other ways of making money via blogging. Consider looking at a variety of options as it’s always wise to have an additional income source.

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