Harmful Social Media Myths What to do About Them

Social Media Myths

Social media has become an incredibly powerful way for businesses and individuals alike to connect with each other and exert influence. Not surprisingly, there are a few pervasive misconceptions that can interfere with well-intentioned bloggers who want to use social media well.

Keep reading to find out social media myths, and how to avoid them.

Don’t Approach Social Media Right Away

There’s almost nothing more unfortunate than when a person comes to a blog after finding out about it through social media, and later discovers the only content that’s there is one post consisting of just a few sentences. However, that doesn’t mean you must stay away from social media until you’ve racked up a decent post count. Instead, commit yourself to posting regularly, and use feedback from social media users to steer your decisions about topics.

It’s All About the Numbers

If your biggest concern is gaining the largest number of social media followers in comparison to other bloggers in your niche, that’s the wrong approach. Numbers could make a difference if you’re trying to attract advertisers, but in general, it’s far better to gain readers by focusing on keeping them engaged. By doing that, you could be surprised to find your number of followers is increasing in no time. Besides, it’s better to have a smaller number of dedicated social media fans rather than those who took a few seconds to click the “follow” or “like” button, but have never glanced at your blog.

You Can Never Be Too Present in the Social Media World

There’s a very common misconception in social media and elsewhere that there’s no such thing as too much exposure. In some cases, bloggers want to be among the first individuals to sign up for the latest and greatest social media sites and make sure their websites are represented there.

It’s great to at least be aware of which social media destinations exist, but don’t go overdo it by signing up for some that may have little or nothing to do with your niche. That could make you so weary of social media as a whole that you soon avoid it altogether. Choose a few key social media destinations wisely and work hard on building strong bases there, instead.

Even if you’re not too familiar with social media yet, it’s not hard to get started. Just make sure your energy is well spent by keeping the above untruths in mind as you set goals and strive to achieve them.

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