Encourage Readers to Spend More Time on Your Blog

Encourage Readers

It takes time and dedication to build a loyal group of readers, but the goal should have two objectives. Not only should you aim to attract people to your blog, but also figure out how to keep them interested and wanting time to spend time there.

Read on and discover a few simple but powerful ways to encourage readers to spend more time on your blog and bookmark the URL to come back later.

Make Navigation a Breeze

Decide which elements of your blog are most important and make them easily accessible through the main navigation menu. As for everything else, consider placing links along the footer so they don’t distract viewers from the foundational parts of the blog.

Alternatively, consider using a navigation menu that expands once the mouse cursor touches it. That’s a great option to use if your blog posts fall into several categories and you want to arrange content by topics. When it’s simple to get around the blog, readability improves and people should feel more compelled to explore.

Connect With Readers

Your audience will also appreciate if you take time to focus on what will most resonate with them, and shape your content accordingly. Craft headlines that capture attention, evoke emotions, and clearly define what the bulk of a post will discuss. Also, use images to supplement your content, and try to use pictures that are memorable or help readers understand important parts of a post. An infographic is a fantastic way to give in-depth information in a way that might be easier for some people to understand, especially if they’re visual learners.

Regardless of how you experiment with getting your message across, don’t lose a sense of connection. When you can write posts that inform and entertain readers by covering topics they care about, you’ll have many of the ingredients necessary to make your readers want to browse your posts at length.

Don’t Lose Momentum at the End of a Post

The way you complete a post could be almost as effective as getting off to a good start. Finish up by giving readers something to ponder or asking an open-ended question and inviting them to contribute responses in a post’s comments section. Finally, let people know how they can read more about particular subjects by linking to related posts you’ve written in the past. That way, if people like what they’ve just read, you’re making it as simple as possible for them to dive into your content even more.

It’s often not as difficult as you may think to get people to stick around your blog and love the time they spend there.  Consider asking them to subscribe and / or to follow you on social media sites too as this can help you get those hard won visitors back to your blog time and time again.

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